3D printing prosthetics is changing lives

3D printing prosthetics can change lives

The possibility of wanting an object and printing it in the comfort of home is very appealing. With the advance of technology, that opportunity is not that far away from happening. 3D printing is a reality. Not only can we print objects like furniture and clothes, but it is also possible to print things that can change someone’s life. 3D … Read More

3D engineering and its dynamics

Converting natural resources to uses of humankind, development of structures, tools, forecast of behavior, and many more are part of an engineer’s job. Applying science, mathematics, physics, and chemistry to create processes and machines to make our lives easier, engineers find solutions to actual problems. As the technology evolved, new tools were designed with the help of engineering, directly or … Read More

Can eco-friendly 3D printing be a solution to pollution?

3D printing continues to advance. One of the current questions is whether this technology will assist us in repairing damages caused to nature during centuries or create even more. Can eco-friendly 3D printing be something feasible, or is it something that might not happen for a while? When people in a long past pictured what 2020 would be like, most … Read More

Engineering jobs – How SolidFace can help?

Modern design software is transforming many aspects of our lives by offering an infinite window to creation and innovation to see how that can help you find engineering jobs today. In the wonderful world of design applied to engineer, 3D modeling software and computer-aided design (CAD), are revolutionizing this tool that was previously a very complicated thing to use, as … Read More