3D printed toys: a fun new hobby

3D printed toys

Kids and adults love toys. That is a fact. It was a special moment when, in our childhood, our tutors, parents, or family members would take us to a toy store to choose one. Still, to older days, it can be an exciting moment. Many adults still like to play with toys when grown, either designed for their age or … Read More

3D modeling against Covid-19

Corona Virus

As the pandemic Covid-19 spreads across the globe, several protection measures were installed, such as social distancing and isolation, travel restrictions, and the home office (work at home).  From emerging countries to developed ones have a collapse into their healthcare systems, with many overloaded and fatigued hospitals with no end-of-end expectations. The most significant obstacle currently found in the treatment … Read More

Engineering jobs – How SolidFace can help?

Modern design software is transforming many aspects of our lives by offering an infinite window to creation and innovation to see how that can help you find engineering jobs today. In the wonderful world of design applied to engineer, 3D modeling software and computer-aided design (CAD), are revolutionizing this tool that was previously a very complicated thing to use, as … Read More