3D printed toys: a fun new hobby

3D printed toys

Kids and adults love toys. That is a fact. It was a special moment when, in our childhood, our tutors, parents, or family members would take us to a toy store to choose one. Still, to older days, it can be an exciting moment. Many adults still like to play with toys when grown, either designed for their age or … Read More

3D printing prosthetics is changing lives

3D printing prosthetics can change lives

The possibility of wanting an object and printing it in the comfort of home is very appealing. With the advance of technology, that opportunity is not that far away from happening. 3D printing is a reality. Not only can we print objects like furniture and clothes, but it is also possible to print things that can change someone’s life. 3D … Read More

Use of 3D CAD Software for Water Jet Cutting

The applications of 3D CAD software in Water Jet Cutting is multiple and varied. One of them is the programming of water jet cutting machines. Water jet cutting is a mechanical process based on erosion, using water pressures at extremely high speeds (4137 bar or more) to cut any type of material. Below we explain how this system used in … Read More