We have been passionate about developing alternatives that help product design, engineering, and manufacturing businesses maximize their potential.


Our team has over 15 years of CAD development experience. We have been building SolidFace, our 3D collaborative design software for more than 9 years. Continually innovating and pushing out upgrades to our software - much to user’s and companies’ delight.

Our team managed to win customers and maintain a technology advantage over larger and established players.

We think the 2D and 3D technology itself is really cool. The idea of modeling something in 3D on your computer, it is fantastic for us, especially when you model things in the full fidelity and detail that we do in 2D/3D CAD.

But we’re not in the business of creating software for its own sake; we’re in the business of helping users build exceptional products. Solidface is a sum of a 3D modeler core and years of development resulting in a product with powerful capabilities of detailing, solid modeling, assembly, parameterization and cloud collaboration.

Why SolidFace?